हमारे बारे में -

के. वी. की उत्पत्तिं

  • The Vidyalaya was established in 2003 and was earlier sanctioned till class Vth. Later on, it was upgraded to class VIIIth. Presently the highest class in the Vidyalaya is class XIIth Commerce & XII Science. The Vidyalaya has student strength of around 850 students. The Vidyalaya is having its own two computer labs with 54 computers. Earlier the Vidyalaya is running in the old building but after Sept. 2011, the Vidyalaya is shifted to the new building. Additional rooms for AV Aids, Science lab, Activity room, and Sports room have been constructed. The Vidyalaya proudly boasts of a beautifully decorated BOTANICAL GARDEN, MATHEMATICAL GARDEN AND KITCHEN GARDEN, displaying a vivid collection of flora.

विकास के महत्वपूर्ण मील का पत्थरं

    • In the year 2007 class X ( Second batch) result was 100%
    • In the year 2008 class X (Third Batch) & class XII Commerce (First Batch) was 100%.
    • In the month of April 2009 construction of permanent school building started.
    • Approximate cost of building is seven Crores.New building will have all the three science labs (viz  Phy./Chem./Bio.)
    • One student of class XII(Comm) (SHIKHA) stands 4th at Regional level and 32nd at the National level in CBSE Board exams. 2010.

वर्ष वार प्रमुख वर्गों और अनुभाग में क्रमिक विस्तार

    • School started in July 2003 with initial sanction of one section from classes I to V.
    • In the month of Oct.2003, school was upgraded up to class VIII (1 section each)
    • In the year 2004, section strength was increased from 01 section to 02 sections (from class I to V).
    • In the year 2005 section strength class VI, increased from one section to two.
    • In the year 2006 section strength class VII, increased from one section to two.
    • In the year 2007 section strength class VIII, increased from one section to two.
    • In the year 2008 section strength class IX, increased from one section to two.
    • First batch of class X appeared in board exam in year 2006.
    • In the year 2006 first batch of class XI Commerce came into existence.
    • In the session 2007 – 08 class XII Commerce ( First batch) appeared in board exam.
    • In the session 2008 – 09 two sections of class X appeared in board exam.
    • In the session 2009 –10 two sections of class X and class XII appeared in board exam.

खेल - कूद सुविधाओं सहित अन्य उपलब्ध सुविधाएं

    • Computer lab with internet facility.
    • Volleeball, Badminton, KhoKho, Kabaddi, Skating

के. वी. के उद्घाटन की तारीख

  • जुलाई 2003

उच्चतम कक्षा और हर कक्षा मे अनुभागों की संख्या को मंजूरी

    • कक्षा एक से कक्षा सात  - 2 अनुभाग
    • कक्षा आठ  से कक्षा दस   - 3 अनुभाग
    • ग्यारहवीं - बारहवीं (साइंस स्ट्रीम) - 1 अनुभाग प्रत्येक
    • ग्यारहवीं - बारहवीं (वाणिज्य) - 1 अनुभाग प्रत्येक

क्षेत्र (सिविल / रक्षा परियोजना / आई. एच. एल.)

  • सिविल


  • करनाल

राज्य / संघ राज्य क्षेत्र

  • हरयाणा